Corruption Studio - Corrupting The Universe

Corrupting the Universe is an immersive fantasy supernatural RPG with adult themes. You start the game as a boy whose dream is to become an adventurer in a world full of weird and powerful monsters and girls.

The problem begins after he realizes that he can’t level up no matter how many monsters he kills, will he give up on his dream or keep fighting?

Choose for yourself and see what will happen.

Check the game here

Developed by: Corruption Studio
Published by: Strange Girl Studios

Or you can download the game here:
Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (3) (4)


It’s been a minute since we have had a game like this. Looks like from the screenshots, there’s preg stuff so it’s not that far off, but still… you have to wonder why here of all places…


yep I’ve thinking of the same thing
it looks like it’s a good game with a great potential but this not the place

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yeah you appear to have pregnancy but that just looks like a side thing, the rest of the game appears to be completely unrelated to growth/belly related related fetishes.

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My guess is that it would be easier to advertise in a niche community where a new project wouldn’t be buried too quickly. But I’m betting this will be forgetton after only a few weeks.

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From my experience, passively brings 3 times more traffic than a WeightGaming thread (which gets buried).

And advertising a normal game here very probably gets next to nothing in terms of attention, plays or anything. But posting is free anyways.


It’s not the first time, and nor will it be the last. And I can guarantee we’ll see the same “why here?” comments on the next thread lol. At least this time it’s not from an account created purely to advertise the game then dip.

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Sorry to disappoint, but, uh, yes, it is from an account created purely to advertise. The only reason they have prior activity is because they advertised their other non-fetish game a few months ago then dipped without a word, and now they’re back to do it again. No comments, no other activity. Will they stick around this time? Beats the hell out of me.

I recommend anyone annoyed about it like me just ignore the poster, honestly. It’s evident they don’t engage with the community and nothing will be done about it, so the bare minimum I can do is voice my displeasure and move on with my life.


Well damn, serves me right for being too lazy to click a second time. Oh well.


If this is a fattening corruption themed game, I’d want to give it a try.