cosmic cuisine (but not a ETD ripoff)

idk just an idea, i recently played soft fantasies and a year and a half before i played growth academy and doki doki literature club. honestly since renpy failed this is the 2nd best i can make a large game with. so cosmic cuisine is going to be developed decently well. i also wanted to do a bit of combat too

you- your the ship’s cook
omae- the ship’s lead explorer, a female bio drakien (bio drakiens are large humanoid creatures who can be pretty dopey around more complex things due to their culture being around greek level, they have large scaley bodies)
gimika- the ship’s janitor, a male gimiboan (small insect humanoid people who are religious and very quick)
nala- the medic of the ship, is a female elf
Emotional.Space.Companion- the nanobot hivemind and ship ai
Remmy- the ship’s captain, a male human


What’s the gameplay going to be like?

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half combat and exploration, half talking and romance

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Right, but like rts combat with a hub for talking? Something more like a traditional rpg? A platformer? What does the typical gameplay look like?

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