Could someone help me with sprites?

Hey guys!

I’m new here and I’m creating a game. I was wondering if someone could help me putting a sprite sheet in a game. It’s not the right size and I don’t know the exact method to put it in the game. I would also like to know how to do it. Could someone help me?

Also, I am using Rpg maker mv.

Sprite sheet :



Size doesn’t matter. RPG maker automatically divides sprite sheets into 4 columns and two rows for each character sheet (like the one you just posted). So for that file, you would need change the canvas size to 1440(widthx4)x960(heightx2) so you have room for seven more characters. Unless you want to do it with a single character per file, in which case you’ll need to rename it with a $ prefix (i.e. $curvy_templete.png)

Here’s an example of what a complete spritesheet might look like. If you put it into the characters folder of your project folder, it should let you be able to put any of those eight identical characters into the game.


Please credit me, and Vollereii for any fat sprites you use from this template, and the half kaizer team for the base template. I used to not ask this but I’m tired of being accused of stealing sprites from other games when they in fact use mine.


Thank you very much, but now there is another problem : when I try to put a sprite as a character, it is cut in half. Did I do something wrong?

The taller sprites need a “$” at the beginning of the file name. Otherwise the game will try loading them as the regular RPG maker sized sprites (Which is why they’re getting chopped up)

So for example, “FatOfSheSprite” would become “$FatOfSheSprite”.

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It’s not working for me. It selects an empty area in the sprite sheet.

This is incorrect. You only use the $ prefix if the file is a spritesheet for a single character. It doesn’t matter how big or small you make the individual sprites, RPG Maker will always divide the spritesheet into 8 characters based on the resolution of the picture itself.

If the sprites are getting cut off, I can only assume there is some discrepancy between the sprite size and the canvas size and would recommend changing it. Remember that the canvas needs to be 4 times the width of the character sheet and twice the height.

Nice seeing this template edit I made being used.