could someone make a fatpreg growth explorer game? [it can even be a super simple one and I can try to pay for it]

like I saw this the other day on DA [if you want to see the full version check my fav section, name is crakyah2]

and it immediately struck a perfect idea, like what if there was a 32bit or 64bit game and it can even be a super simple short game where the character is a average 5.1ft girl from the city who decided to do some exploring and did found an old temple/post and encounters a strange artifact or experimental canister or bio-weapon, and she gets affected by whatever event, and the area collapses, and with the main passage way closed she has to explore another route to escape

and then the game progresses, where as more you explore you get heavy growth spurts as the game progresses, the main character in the first growth spurt grows slightly in size, gets a slight bulged belly, then as more spurts happen from either traveling progressively or eating/drinking strange foods or artifacts you encounter to speed up the growth, and if you want to add more depth you can have a camera to take pictures of said artifacts or yourself as you get bigger

and as each spurt hits as the game progresses you keep getting bigger, probably 4-6 spurts depending on how complex it takes to make, and you first start out as 5.1ft to growing to a whopping 7-8ft in height or even taller, and starting out as slightly chubby from the first spurt to growing to a heavy and filled to the brim size like this or something close

and that design seems perfect as the final size and character design/aesthetic

and you don’t just get bigger and heavier you also get stronger as well, giving you the ability to belly ram open areas to further explore or escape, and you can choose to stay and try to get maybe bigger, or the game ends with you ramming yourself out and start heading back to the city only to be absolutely astonished on how tall and heavy you are, becoming a mini celebrity due to your unique size

leaving it up to interpretation if your hyper pregnant with something eldritch, or just being extremely pregnant, or just filled to the brim with fat and food making you big and tight, I do hope someone could make this into a game it would be incredible, like I could even offer some money to help fund parts of it if I can afford the pricing, but please I do hope someone could give this a shot, as this could be the first one of it’s kind and I’m not even joking, it would be something no one has ever done before.