Could we add a burp tag?

Hi, still pretty new to the community but absolutely love the people and the amazing games you all come up with. However, I come from the burp fetish community and well we have a lot of overlap in what we like. A lot of games here already feature burping, since stuffing usually leads to it, but it’s not always known. So I was wondering if could add a burp tag to make searching for them easier.


I added a ‘burps’ tag, but i think thread creators can create their own tags? I can. But maybe that’s just because i’m a mod.


Wow, that was fast! Thanks! Yea I think people can make their own but this def helps with search and unity.

My game already has too many tags, so won’t be adding more, but there is definitely some burping in there :slight_smile:

Yes, too many tags is not good.