Could you guess someone's age based on what media lead to their fetishes?

Random thought but you could probably make a rough guess of someone’s age based on what media influenced their sexual interests…


For example, the shows I remember giving me the funny feels include Totally Spies, 6teen, Kid vs Kat, Spongebob, and Fairly Odd Parents. (Also maybe The Incredibles…)


Bro I remember that 6Teen episode where the blonde girl gets a big belly and can’t fit in her jeans! :drooling_face:

Technically I’d say it started with that episode of “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” where Tails becomes Giant, but it more started on those two episodes of Ed, Edd, and Eddy; The one where Ed eats everyone’s food while sleepwalking and the episode where Jimmy becomes a Sumo.

I just remembered there was an episode of That’s So Raven that I remember having an impact on me!

This is an interesting idea, actually. Though in my case, I’d have to apply it to the early days of the internet, as it was the discovery of the Dimensions forums that was my gateway into this fetish.

There was a series of Goofy cartoons I remember being something of a start, though they were really old cartoons; reruns on the Disney channel. Not sure they’d be really useful for trying to date anybody by.

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Oh yeah and Kirby Right Back At Ya!

Back during the early days of Cartoon Network, I remember an old Droopy cartoon or something similar where a wolf (possibly the one whistling Dixie) blows hard into a hose in order to blow up Baby Droopy, only for him to blow up a cow instead. The scene appeared in one of the early promos for the channel, too (specifically the one with the lyrics “like a cow blown up like a balloon”).

UPDATE: Because of what I said, I’m actually 30 going on 31.

Are you around 20-23? You have a lot of the same influences I did and I’m 21 so that’s about as far as my reasoning goes.

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The Templeton scene from Charlotte’s Web animated movie. My parents thought it was innocent, but here we are lol.

Yep, 22. Forgot about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too. Despite not really caring too much about blueberry expansion it definitely had an impact.

Childhood crush, call me a love sick puppy but after a long period apart and seeing her again so different well It either sparked or artificially induced this in me
Love makes ya crazy

Such a fun thing to think about, I got a weird one too I think! Not 100% sure it was the earliest thing but it certainly stuck with very young me lol. There was an old kids tv program called The Singing Kettle News, I happened to have one vhs of the show and it just so happened to be the one where the pretty blonde presenter lady eats 525 cakes and reappears on set in a fat suit (which honestly suited her rather well if memory serves XD)