Country restrictions

Hi. Im writing this becouse i feel a bit lonely eventho you are all here. The reason is that i’m from Hungary. I speak english, but i cant share my thoughts in my native language with anybody. It almost feels like the fetishes i have, only exists in english language. To be honest its possible that i couldnt even explain it to another Hungarian becouse of the language is lacking the necessary words or just sound too “childish” and less serious when i try to talk about it. Anyway im interested in other Hungarians in this site, maybe there is another except me :flushed:
Oh and i’m interested if other nationalities feel the same way as i.


I’ve never thought about it before, but the point you raise about not being able to communicate the fetish efficiently with people from your country is interesting, and now that I think about it I believe I’d be in the same boat over here with Portuguese. I guess I don’t really see myself being able to put a sentence together that wouldn’t sound weird while also being not vague about it. Maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough, but I do get what you’re hinting at.

Additionally, while I’m not Hungarian, I sort of woke up one day and decided it would be a fun idea to start learning the language on the side. It’s only been a couple weeks so I can only express the most basic of concepts but I hope I’ll just keep improving with time.

And I have to say, I can’t remember seeing a single Hungarian in the internet until I decided to start learning the language, and now out of nowhere I’m spotting them left and right even though I’m not searching for them. Maybe that’s a good sign and there’ll be some more in this forum to keep you company, who knows.


A few times, I’ve done a thing where I talk about my fetish with a friend, and they tell about theirs (without much surprise, I haven’t found something more “weird” than mine). And knowing that I insist on the no judgement for it, it feels very interesting and I actually like sharing it. But as for you, describing it in French feels… Wrong.
Maybe it’s because when I hear those words in French, it’s usually not linked to feederism in context, or maybe it feels a bit cursed because they can be used by friends or family?
I don’t think my langage lacks words, but there’s not always an exact equivalent translation, so I have to do a new scaling, and if I want to be precise, I need to use words I don’t usually use, with different flavour and all. It can be desorienting to be clear.
Soooo, what I tend to do is use english words sometimes. People understand me pretty.

And also I talk alone a lot, or in my head, so I guess I had time to train.