Cult of The Lamb Weight Gain mod?

I’m having a lot of fun playing Cult of the Lamb and I thought “What if it had weight gain?!”
The game is still new, so I’m not sure if it has modding capabilities yet. I’m inspired enough to give this idea a try. I’m just thinking that the followers would get fatter based on their level.
Any of you mod wizards got any tips to how I would go about making this a thing?

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I think we really need to reign in expectations of what games are actually moddable and which are not. While I understand how a game like this could work rather well with such a concept, if we ever were to make a mod like this, we would likely need the source-code and need to know about as much about making the game as the developers.


Agreed, I think at a certain point it’s easier to make fan games inspired by the original rather than trying to force it with the code of the original.


There’s a lot of games out there that look and work well, but behind-the-scenes, are held together by the digital equivalent of duct tape and is so flimsy that even if you did have the code, the whole program could crash into a pile like a house of cards.

That said, I have no idea if this game you speak of falls into that category or not. I’ve not even heard of it, let alone played it.