Cupcakes - My small adventure story

This is a small adventure-story, with several endings and small changes according to your decisions.

It is my first twine adventure story and I had to do it from the beginning due to an accident

I hope to be able to make more and better stories and at some point make a proper game ^w^

You can find it here: Cupcake

The image is with AI because I don’t know how to draw :slight_smile:


So one problem that comes up is the longer written segments don’t have a scrolling function so you can’t read it all after a point, made worse if you can’t continue because the next prompts are off screen.


For now there’s a workaround where you can hit Tab to select the next interact.

But yeah, I agree there needs to be a scroll.

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I see, I tried it in the browser but I didn’t find that error so I don’t know how to fix it :frowning: sorry