curiosity regarding the fitness of Weight Gaming

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call me curious, but despite what this site is all about, how many of us actually enjoy working out and staying fit like myself?


I do, I enjoy the energy and strength I get from working out, and staying slim and trim helps me meet (big) women :smiley:. Also the contrast between thin and fat is rather intriguing to meet


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just because we like fat people in video games doesn’t mean we’re a fan of it IRL


I’m a fan of it IRL! At least, on women(and people other than myself, I prefer to be skinny and flexible).

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I like skinny girls and chubby girls but not ones that are morbidly obese. I would feel really bad if I got someone hurt because of my fetish. And if I had a girlfriend that wanted to loose weight, I’d help.


I’m fairly big but I go out with a girl who’s twice the size as me even. I used to be pretty fit but since starting work I’ve just fell off but yeah I definitely prefer being slim. Women though, bigger the better! Weird innit?


I like working out, it helps me to eat more without gaining too fast and it helps me carrying more pounds without problems. Whether that counts as being “fit” is not related for me. I hate this bad assumption that fat automatically means unhealthy.

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I dance 4-5 times a week. Been doing it for 10 years and I’ve always enjoyed a good, hard workout or intensive training.
Although, I’ve tried gaining some weight (no success, metabolism is too fast)

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Might as well be a talking ghost this one time.

When it comes to physical fitness, I am fairly below average, with many people being far stronger than me. Only way I can make up for that is in my flexibility, which is kept in check from my average weight and proportions. I occasionally fast by accident, which further helps in restricting any weight gain. What is fascinating though is that while my diet is truly atrocious, I can easily make up for it by never eating at my “full potential”.
(It is pity though that I get virtually no exercise)

While I may not care in the slightest for either side of the spectrum. The sheer science is enough for me to remain intrigued.

The contrast aspect is probably fairly popular. I’m 6’4 and about 200lb, and my (now sadly ex) girlfriend loved that she was more than twice my weight. Have to admit, I enjoyed it too!


God dang man, you and your ex would make me and my ex look tiny :joy:! I’m only 6’3 and 165lbs, and my ex was 5’1 and 165lbs when I met her (towards the end she accidently went up to around 176lbs).

But yeah the contrast truly is intriguing, especially seeing what the same weight looks like at different heights

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I’ve just had a thought… Girls must be so self conscious about going out with slim guys just like I haven’t got the confidence to go out with a thin girl - good thing I’m not fussed about thin girls!

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Oh yeah my girl was worried about that for like the first 2 months, but then my Ohio charms kicked in and she ended up not caring anymore :wink:

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