Current game content (question)

Hello i just found this game on the internetzus and played it around 2 hours. I know its an early alpha project but im not sure if i miss something. Are the forest, the lake, the field and the shipwreck the only available areas right now or can i go somewhere else and find some new enemys (the bees, this poison dart trap and the spider are already noticed) or NPCs? Im just asking in terms of unsuspectingness because im new with the game. I like the game so far. It has potential, sadly it doesnt get some more attention.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it besides messing with debug stuff. That said, Atticus wants the groundwork solid instead of like most other games that add features and content for those features haphazardly.

As ajax mentioned, that’s pretty much it and I’ve left most of the “game-play” up to those fiddling with debug commands. You’ve joined the ranks of all those poor souls out there that discovered my project early and now have to wait eons for anything of exciting value to come out of it. Sorry mates. lol

I’m always working on Elysium and tinkering at the pace my normal life allows and the “content” you find in the game is more or less just because I need to put that in to test this or that. As I develop new things, I’ll usually need to write content to test it, but as the ground work gets closer to wrapping up more focus can be put on the actual “non-test” content. It’s not soon, but it’s also not too far either.

We’re in limbo at this time.