Currently Untitled Lovecraftian , Cosmic Horror , And Eldritch Horror Text Game (Upcoming Game With DarkMasterN)

nothing to show yet but this will be a combination of mostly text and some pictures this game will be first developed for Android and later on for windows both versions will be totally different in several ways and both versions will be restarted which means obviously the android version comes first once the android version has been developed enough we will start on the windows version but all the way back to pre development 1 this will be the most unique horror chat game ever choose your decisions carefully everything matters whether you choose to piss off with whatever or whoever you’re chatting with or whether you choose to be friendly or etc depends on all of your outcomes also you will always get the feeling of what’s the point of this game and that feeling will be almost correct there are so many endings but it will literally take you so so so long to get to it so make sure you do everything how you intended but remember you’re not just chatting you’re also living a separate life inside this game it has the world’s most realistic and deep life simulation ever made there’s so much more to it but will be described further on as time goes by feel free to ask any questions and they will be answered as best as possible (fyi me and DarkMasterN realized the burger child game might take a while to release in pre development 1 so we are bringing you a more simple and faster game for us to develop for you until burger child is ready and even when burger child is ready we will still be working on this game we hope you enjoy this game from me and DarkMasterN)


Also if you didn’t know the engine we’re gonna be using for this game is gonna be quest

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Seems a bit disorganized and chaotic so far, but the title, even by itself, speaks volumes of its future possibilities. I’ll put this on Watching to see how this develops.