Curvy Town v-0.3.2

Cool! But actually I’m more into fatness and big bellies way more than I’m into fitness and big muscles :rofl:, though I don’t doubt the quality of the work there

Thanks so much for the review, hope you enjoy the next update too!

Would love to know what’s wrong with Naomi’s breasts?

Большое спасибо за отзыв, надеюсь, вам понравятся и следующее обновления!

Я бы хотела узнать, что не так с грудью Наоми?

Thats not ok. And its not just this sprite.
И да, я тоже русский, я на английском пишу для остальных.


Но я не понимаю, что здесь не так, так как это тот же спрайт, чтои в других моментах где её грудь видно так же. Изменена только одежда.
Тут эффект того, что одежда прижимаешь её грудь и это обычная тень, но я ещё раз посмотрю эти спрайты и постараюсь исправить.

But I don’t understand what’s wrong here, since it’s the same sprite as in other moments where her breasts are visible in the same way. Only the clothes have changed. There is an effect that the clothes are pressing against her chest and this is an ordinary shadow, but I will look at these sprites again and try to fix it.

First of all, I want you to know that what I am about to say is without malice or acrimony of any kind

That you don’t understand what is wrong with that picture is why many people of this sub are against AI and AI prompters. You are just outputting works without even noticing the poor quality of them

The problem with that sprite (and others, specially Naomi’s) is that there is a weird line in the upper part of the boobs that doesn’t exist in real life or in most drawings, that is no ordinary shadow. Best thing you can do right now is to check other actual artists draws, the assets from Forks are free and open to everyone, and just check how they did that part of the drawing. You’ll find that at most there is a faint shadow on the middle, but not up top, it looks like Naomi has some plastic parts attached to her chest.

AI art is great for placeholders and quick moodboards, but if you want to make an actual good product you’ll have to learn to draw or at least work with a person that does. I’m not saying that is necessary to use “real” illustrations, but it is imperative that you develop a critic eye, just like every other artist has or the AI isn’t going to save you from poor visual choices and errors. Trying more advanced AI could make those errors a little less noticeable, but in the end, you will need to check every sprite individually to detect and correct mistakes

Not having a developed artistic background is playing against you more than you think. All the sprites look smudgy and low quality. If you don’t care about that part or the constant comments you’ll have about the sprites go ahead, but I seriously recomend that you consider this sprites as placeholders until you find a better way to do them

On a positive note, I liked the game! Well, it’s not tecnically a game right now, but before playing I looked at other people’s comments and saw that this did not have any interaction, so i came in expecting to see a linear story in the form o a visual novel. I liked what I saw! It’s definetly a slow-burn story, but the characters felt likeable and quite natural, and the setting looks quite good if you are planning to expand the story in a more lighthearted and comedic tone

I will keep an eye on this one, It has potential and I hope someday it reaches it (without messy AI art I hope)


Like I said, Its not just this sprite. Breasts are same even if Naomi is topless.

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like the idea so far! Art is a bit hit and miss as others have said but hey having a tool to be able to even do that is great for projects like these. Excited to see more.

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Thanks for the review and words of encouragement! I realized my mistake and I will fix it! I also wanted to say that many mistakes are possible because of the small resolution of pictures and actually my bad laptop. If you have more comments on the quality of sprites, please tell me, because no one told me about the bugs, I first encounter such criticism, thanks for helping make the game better!


The website has an automatic translator that works great so don’t feel like you have to write in english for others. Sadly the translator can’t be used on your comments cause it’s in multiple language


Anyway, I fixed the sprite, in the next update it will look good, as well as I will try to monitor the quality better!


Glad to see you promoting the game here! Welcome to the forum and don’t get discouraged by any negativity, in my experience most folks with positive feelings will just find there way to your Patreon, or Boosty account in this case and won’t really say much.


I like this quite a bit. I’ll take it over furry RPGM any day :slight_smile:. As you posted this in the WG forum I hope we can nudge you into expanding into the eating club a bit (pun intended).


to be honest i like the idea of use AI art its so good and the story also the characters and also it is so lovley and fun and the last 15 minutes of the game to me was quite fun when the girls start growing so yeah im so exited to see where all this is going keep up the man i like it i give it 7 from 10 very fun game and very good start

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Love it can’t wait till more content comes out and game is very fun


It has potencial tbh, perhaps it could have more decisions or routes involved, but I hope it can be improved in the next updates


sadly this is a straight up novel there will be no decisions you can choose.


Given it looks to be their first game having it be a kinetic novel is likely for the best. That way scope can be controlled more easily and if the creator gets an idea for another route it can just be added at a later time without disrupting the current creation process.


Honestly, it felt like reading a story except with visual assets and it’s quite awesome I’m excited to see the girls grow. However, it felt a bit slow… A lot of non-necessary “Uh-huh”. For a Visual Novel there is no interaction, maybe include some choice like people giving a ring instead of always meeting up. However, you mastered the animation and movement of your sprites which give the game a good feel. I also noticed that there were no splitter screens like on average a Visual Novel cut by ending the day with a black screen. So without separation, it just makes the game one huge heavy block of text. The font could be better, I look forward to updates. And Keep Learning.


I think there’s a good amount of potential here. The art’s fine for what it is but yeah it is kinda boring for a fetish story but I assume it’ll ramp up a lot more in the next part. I do like specifically how one of the characters is bimbofication though.

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The update 0.1.3 is out on boosty!!!