Curvy Town v-0.3.3

This is VN about a city in which everything changes at some point in the life of every girl.
The player will have to meet these changes together with Sam.​

Official Discord: Curvy Town


Change log:

Changes in this update:Updated Marta’s sprites in all scenes.Updated Nora’s sprite.Improved and slightly modified Director Marie’s sprite. (improved face) New music has been added to previous versions, improving the atmosphere of the narrative in suitable scenes. Completed Sam’s sprites, some sprites had missing nametags.

And new added:
-Continuation of the plot.
-New transformations.
-New music.

win:372.44 MB file on MEGA
mac:367.67 MB file on MEGA
linux:365.15 MB file on MEGA
android:391.34 MB file on MEGA



1-Continuation of the plot.
2-Changing sprites.
3-Adding new sprites and transoframes.
4-The principle of translation of the novel has been changed, the language change is now available at any time during the gameplay.
5-The characters in the main menu change depending on your progress in the story.

P.s. Old saves files DON’T work!

win:389.09 MB file on MEGA
mac:384.32 MB file on MEGA
linux:380.96 MB file on MEGA
and:407.85 MB file on MEGA



1-Continuation of the plot.
2-Adding new sprites and transformation.
3-Kate’s new character.
4-A new chapter selection system. If you have previously played, you can select any chapter that is now available through the new game item.

-Chapter Selection:
I decided to make a chapter selection for those who can’t play from where they left off.
To select the chapter and the part you want to start with, you just need to start a new game and follow the instructions.

win:412.48 MB file on MEGA
mac:407.71 MB file on MEGA
linux:404.43 MB file on MEGA
and:428.65 MB file on MEGA


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I’m sorry you didn’t like my game, and thank you for the feedback!

All characters are 18+. Honestly, its a bit goofy on the level of explaining such, since its one of those games that written that everyone is in high school but is set in college. I may not understand how colleges in Russian work, but I doubt they would be this casual and fairly childish. A lot of English/American colleges are a lot more about the personal, individual growth, so things like “Class Presidents” don’t really come up.

I have no qualms with using AI art, but I will strongly recommend looking into downloading and using your own copy of Stable Diffusion and grabbing a model. Aside from saving money on having to prop up a NovelAI subscription, you will be able to create a more diverse collection of styles over NAI’s default “plastic, desaturated, low detail” default look. You should also look into using different poses, you have the power of AI to create such. I know it can be difficult to create consistent outlooks, but it is far from impossible and I believe your work will benefit from more dynamic poses and bust portraits.

I will also recommend bringing up this is a Kinetic Novel, not quite a Visual one. There’s no choices involved, it is simply reading through a story. If you aren’t going to have choices, you should look into ways of making it a more visually/auditorily-pleasing experience. Finding an English proofreader will be important too, given that there’s plenty of typos like “The Luna went her separate way” and “I am in a Class of 2B”, that also helps avoid people from just skimming through and mashing M1 to advance through the text for the next set of growth portraits and possible CGs.

On the note of the actual writing its…pretty mid, I’m sorry to say. You can really cut a lot of the redundant or transistionatory scenes out, it is just extra text and writing that don’t add much. Much of the dialogue is very flat and uininteresting, and characters don’t really express themselves through their speech alone. I can really only tolerate Naomi and Sam’s Mom, being the only two characters that seem to have more an emotional range and pitiable circumstances (Naomi with turning into a bimbo, Mom for dealing with her daughter’s short temper and weird hangups).

Sam isn’t really a strong protagonist, her whims just seem to shift about and she doesn’t really have problems, as the solutions fall on her lap. I do like the idea of her not liking her growth, but it seems to be sideline as soon as she has to grow for a job (which you would think would be a dealbreaker). You need to give her more drive or tougher challenges, like dealing with Valerie and her taunting, her sister’s insensitivity, or dealing with the prejudice against petite women – either fighting against it or having to capitulate to societal standards of beauty.

My final piece of advice is please get a different font. It’s a legit PAIN to read. I appreciate the drive to have your style, I respect you actually changing the default Ren’py windowskin. But FUCK, I cannot continue to exhaust myself trying to read this font! Again, I’m unsure how this works or looks in Russian, but the English font is not good.

All said, it isn’t like I’m against your project. There’s potential in here, and it seems you are quite happy/dedicated with it. Keep at it, I think you’ll be able to find your spark.

He’s Russian. What other option does he have…?


idk about the other guy, but I for one am excited to see where this goes.


I like it! It’s a little wordy in some places, but I’m interested in seeing where the story goes and how the girls grow. Especially Luna, she seems like she’s getting pulled two different ways.

Looking forward to more!


got me interested that for sure


I wouldn’t call it a game in a technical sense, since as I far as could stomach, the entire thing is a barebones visual novel., no branches, etc. The premise is meh, not a fan of the ‘everyone magically hourglass’ deal, but it is workable. Writing is below average but to be expected. It’s easy to use AI art to make a minimum viable product, but making a game means having a higher level of interactivity and the more art assets you need, the harder it will be to make them all look like they belong with one another.

If the main character starts out as a wallflower, let me make choices that give her a personality. Rather than railroad a fetish or set of fetishes (BE is weight gain-adjacent, but most here will probably be looking for something more rounded), give the player the ability to tailor the changes to their preferences. It’s a shame imho that most tf games have a designated character for each fetish with their identities revolve around it rather than writing people like normal people. Letting the player decide who gets affected by what would stop writers from being caught in that basic trap since there’s less reason to foreshadow changes if they might never happen.

There’s so many things you can do with Ren’Py without making it a picture book.


…I want you to do some basic math.
What’s the product 4 characters to the power of 3 fetishes?
That’s 64 distinct outcomes, and that’s if you just go down one aspect per character.

Denoting one character to one fetish isn’t a “basic trap”, it is sane one man game development.


Thanks so much for the feedback!
I use the offline version anyway, but I have a lot of difficulties that I physically can’t overcome.
I have a very weak laptop for AI, I try to optimize my work so that changes of characters look as similar to them as possible, not just a new curved picture without taking into account the proportions of the previous one. It is possible to change poses, but in my case it will take a long time, there are special add-ons for this, but again a weak laptop. If I start to do it manually, then one change of a pose I can spend days. So for example the scene in the infirmary, I spent on all the characters something like 6 days, I do not remember exactly, but that’s just undress Naomi, what would it was like himself I just took 4 days. I’ll try to improve the art, but it’s not easy.

As for the kinetic novel, it was chosen for a reason, there are 2 reasons for this.
1- I spend more time on the art and script, as I’m not engaged in the game all my time, and do the forks I will be very hard, because the time this will not take much.
2- The second reason may seem strange, but so it was thought, but that’s why and why I can not say it all will know later.

In the next update I will add interest and action to the story. I started smoothly with introductions to the characters and the world, but since the introductions are over, the action will begin.

There’s also so much more for one more reason, the game will capture two years of the characters’ lives plus some spinoffs. It’s only been two months at this point, so there will still be plenty of screen time.

About the font, I understand everything, I find it hard to find a free font suitable in style to the game in two languages and so in the future I will try to make my own. So please forgive me for this, and also please bear with me, I’ll fix it, but later.

And thank you for the review and support, it means a lot to me, I want the game to be good and get only better, if there is something to write about the game, I always read it, thank you again!!!


Yes, Luna will have both weight gain and muscle gain.

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First of all welcome to our fatty corner of the internet.

Second i thought you were planning to have the small breast club eventually disband and have the MC to perhaps spend a day interacting with a club which in turn would motivate the kind of growth making a simple forking choice. and i thought this update was interesting due to the fact the MC seems to have accept there going to change no matter what but keeping reserved about how they feel about it right now since it did help them get a job during this update


It is not that extreme. Firstly, treating it as an exponent would imply that every character can experience all TFs at once, when that is not necessary and may be programmed to be mutually-exclusive. If each character had a single route per tf, the actual complexity would be roughly half that figure. A great thing about a limited branching narrative is the ability to recycle dialogue across multiple paths; there are techniques used all the time in CYOAs to tackle this very problem.

Permutations can be greatly limited by ensuring the story converges whenever a transformation level change is relevant. There are games that have fetish transformations expressed as a floating variable or integer, let alone a binary value which under your assumption, would have the unbearable strain of infinite permutations. It is a problem solved by careful design.

If the focus is on dialogue rather than gameplay or whatnot, then the only thing the developer has to sink time into is visuals and narrative, so handling the transformation side of things more flexibly is a lot more doable than it would be for say, a platformer.

I will agree that it places a higher burden on writing, so if that isn’t something you can do well then sure, it’s not easy to juggle paths if you don’t plan for it from the start. At the very least, it makes sense for the main character to have more options if they’re supposed to be someone we care about; it all depends on just how invested we’re supposed to be.

Is it ambitious for a first project? Yes. Is it impossible for a one-dev visual novel? No.


I understand what you want and I know how to do it, but right now it’s going the way it’s intended, since this version of the narrative is part of the plot.

I will also say about language and emotion.
As you have understood English is not my primary language and I try to control the translation as much as I can, I think in the future I will solve this issue with the help of a professional translator.

About the emotions. I made each main character have 6 emotions. Joy, sadness, anger, surprise, embarrassment and normal/ordinary. But I don’t use them everywhere, I lack the experience to make a balance between logical and unforced emotions and overplaying, so I try to do everything to the best of my ability. Occasionally add passing emotions like “drunk” (such as at the end of Halloween), I’ll try to fix this and make the characters a little more emotional.

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Everything is still to come, it’s just the beginning.

I don’t know, the concept might work, as it’s something very similar to Growth Academy, but I’m personally not sold on the art. I’m really not big (pun not intended) on anime design, unless it’s something really high quality like Forks.
Honestly with AI generated images you are likely either going to end up with wildly different looking characters, stage after stage, or with a big loss of quality due to heavier and heavier modifications.
Also being that I’m not really into exaggerated asymmetric growth of single body parts that already limits my interest to the single character going down the weight gain route


In fact, any resizing can be done well, but it requires more time and a lot of doing by hand, not by AI. The only size limitation is the background and other characters, since the size of this is just a comparison of two objects. In my experience, I can tell you that I can make everything larger without ruining the quality of the picture or the proportions.

I would like to point out another VIsual novel i posted in general game, Bey-shore academy are doing to the same thing and while there are obvious difference in sprite models, it certainly works well if you know how to something more technical like sprite diffusion which helps really minimize this issue overall


Ну, в целом неплохо. Хотя не без минусов. Тот факт, что толстые и набор веса занимают такую малую часть игры, сбивает с толку. Да и полное отсутствие какой-либо действия или выбора со стороны игрока довольно быстро наскучивает. Да и сюжет скучен (извиняюсь за тавтологию), одна школьная повседневность, Последнюю треть игры я просто скипнул. Единственные две вещи, которые меня заинтересовали это русский язык (я охренел, когда увидел) и приятная рисовка, кроме груди Наоми, это тихий ужас. Потому буду ждать обновлений.

Well, not bad in general. Although not without bads. The fact that fat and weight gain take up such a small part of the game is confusing. And the complete absence of any action or choice on the part of the player gets bored pretty quickly. And the plot is boring (I apologize for the tautology), one school routine, I just skipped the last third of the game. The only two things that interested me were the Russian language (I was really surprised when I saw it) and a nice drawing, except for Naomi’s naked breasts, it’s terrible. Therefore, I will wait for updates.