Customizable Full-Body Portraits

I’m currently planning on making a weight gain game with some randomly generated characters. Does anyone know of a set of free-to-use customizable full-body portraits that could be used to make a diverse cast?

I’m talking about an image set that would be used in a dress-up game, for example, with a base naked body, several hair styles and faces/expressions, and various outfits, hopefully with variants for different weights or body types. My game will have a generic medieval fantasy setting, so I’d also need the outfits to include something like generic knight armor, mage robes, and thief attire, for example.

If none exists, what artists would be ideal to comission for this? I’m considering talking with cakecatboy, as I do like their art style, and the images they used for their game Juni’s Appetite is similar to what I’m looking for, although that only included a set for a single character.



I fucking LOVE Kisekae! Their fat content COULD do with some EXPANSION though. The art I’ve seen people make with it usually includes edits of some kind.

I don’t think that will work. I’ll need access to the source images, and I can’t get them that easily through the game itself.