Cyberpunk 2077 mod potential

What are everyone’s expectations regarding the game, now knowing that you can’t make fat nor chubby characters? How high is the game on modders lists? And how difficult will it be to mod the game?


Well the game ain’t out yet, but I assume that because Cyberpunk 2077 is one of, if not the most anticipated game of 2020 it’s certainly going to catch the interest of modders.
That being said, we don’t know what sorts of modding tools the game will have or how easy it’ll be to create and run mods for the game in the first place. So until the 9th/10th, everything said here will be pure speculation with no definitive answer


If there’s mod support asap and someone makes a belly mod, I might play the game like that on PC first lmao.

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While nothing is really certain in regards to modding this game, I think I could take a guess. Assuming there are no modding tools available, I’d say that making a fat base model would probably be fairly easy, but things get a lot more complicated once the cyberware animations on the arms and clothing comes into play.

Someone will probably make something like the body morphs for skyrim, but better and more detailed since its cyberpunk.


Unfortunately the game already realised

I was extremely disappointed to see there were absolutely no possibility to make our character chubbier.
While there is intimacy choice and all the rest of the customization.

I planned to buy the multiplayer release but finally I will waiting until I see if they change the character creator.

As expectation I will see depending of that fact. But we know each other here :slight_smile:
Fatter choice would be awesome.

I just want better titty customization. The largest size option is barely a C-cup, it’s pathetic.


Not to mention that it shrinks when you put on any shirt or jacket