Dart Dodge (Weight Gain Update)

Added weight gain mode and small fixes
MEGA folder link: 72.98 MB folder on MEGA
Itch link: Dart Dodge by MadLad224

Hello everyone, MadLad224 here with a game. Um yeah, so I have enough expierience to know how to make something in unity so i though why not.
Now, I’m not an artist so the visual aspect might not be great but that’s the best I could draw.

How 2 play - the darts have a random key beneath them, press the right key on your keyboard to destroy the dart
Each difficulty level has a different amount of darts and varying speeds and frequency of them. Also, in the endless mode darts get faster over time.

So uh anyway, have fun


Any screenshots?
Even if the art isn’t as good as you want it to be, screencaps help give us a better clue what the game is like.

EDIT: thanks.


Very fun, I hope you explore new mechanics and add more art.

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I hope you don’t mind but I just made a video of your game it will be shown on my youtube channel later tonight I did mark it as a demo game though. since you are planning to add more artwork to it.

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No, I don’t mind it, quite the opposite actually. I’m very happy to hear that!

Pretty nice overall! But expansion should be treated as a reward, so maybe after 10-30-etc darts dodged she could grow bigger.

Also, at your skill level, your art might look ‘bad’ (I found it enjoyable), but it’s also VERY easy to improve. You have no idea how much better it’ll look if you keep at it for only a couple months.

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Yeah, the fact that if the player plays good and makes no mistakes results in no expansion is a major flaw but when I realised it, half the game was already made so I just went along with it. And about the art, I guess it’s better than stick figures and paint’s circle tool but as you said, there is always room and ways for improvement and for now improvement is my goal. So next game, or udpate to this one, will look better I hope.

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What an interesting idea. :smiley: If you need some help on how to draw different expansion, then I know a few tips and tricks.

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Yeah, the main problem right now is that I literally never ever drawn anything, so I need to learn the basics. Also drawing with a mouse isn’t the best ways to go about it. For now I guess going off of reference pictures should be enough.

all right if you don’t know its belly expansion city for youtube channel it will show up at 7:45pm

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I just noticed that there might be some problems with fullscreen/windowed option, restarting the game usually can fix it though.

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New let’s play up, hope you guys enjoy and it brings new eyes to the project :slight_smile: