Date stuffing

Hi guys!

As I promised, free stuffing game. No weight gain, except belly. Some of you like it and never get it from other creators))
For those, who never played any of my paid game, this one is real bare bone game. Usually I spend a week and dozens of hours for creating visuals, rendering, scripting, checking, testing and at last publishing. This game I’ve made in 24 hours (12hours of creating visuals and rendering, 6 hours for scripting, checking, testing and publishing).
I always show you starting state and maximum stuffed and gained state because, many times other creators did not show it or even showed things, that are not in game at all and disappointed me with it(
You always know what to expect and have a choice whether to play it or buy it or not. Link for this free stuffing game below.


Hello there! I’ve checked out some of your content and I must say I’m impressed with the number of works you have created already :slight_smile: I just wanted to post a suggestion for you regarding advertising your games.

In my opinion the pictures of your max sizes should be hidden by spoiler blur. For me at least, the max size in any game on this site is like the final reward and it would be nice not to see it until I beat the game, the question of “how big will she get” is quite an important aspect I find. Just something to consider I think as I’m sure there are those that would agree with you and want to see what they are getting from the start, so having spoilered pics allows those who want to see them to do so, and those that don’t can be surprised :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice, I’ll try to hide it like this, when I find how))

Done with blur! Thank you)

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No worries! Best of luck to you!

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good game
hopefully there more

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This is a big improvement in terms of pacing, the other games such as the vacation ones were very slow and repetitive.

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I love this game plz add more wg scenes