Day One: Current Version/Game Details

Current Version:


You start the game as Kristine- AKA Kriss.

You’re a 20-something year old woman who, over the past few months, have gotten bored with your previous lifestyle of running, working out, and watching what you ate.

So you just stopped.

For the most part, it’s worked out alright- although the snide comments from friends and family have been annoying. Even your boyfriend has been a bit of an ass about it… You’re not sure how long that particular relationship going to last, though.

You currently live at home with your family (unfortunately) although you’ve been saving up your cash from your job at the local Bookstore for an apartment.

Residing in your house is:

-Jamie, your absolute nightmare of a sister:

She’s just finished her freshman year of college, and her attitude has changed from slightly obnoxious to overwhelmingly bitchy. She’s gained a bit of weight in the past year- namely, the “Freshman Fifteen” plus a little extra on the side. She’s very possessive of her stuff, and although you used to be kind of close, she now acts like she hates your guts. This is most likely due to your Stepmom.

-Laney, your absolutely, undeniably horrible Stepmom:

Laney is a bitch. She loves your sister a lot. She hates your guts. That’s all there is to say. You try not to say her name, since there’s always a chance she’ll appear in a puff of fire and brimstone. Seriously, she sucks. She also gets on your case about your weight all the fuckin’ time, even though she never, EVER get’s on Jamie’s case.

-Ron, your father:

He’s a nice guy, seriously! You love your dad. Problem is, he works crazy shifts. Some days, he’s at work for two hours. Other days, he’s at work for what seems like two weeks- making himself very scarce around the house, since he usually comes home just to sleep.

Outside the house is:

-Jason, your boyfriend:

He, uh. He’s your boyfriend. You had begun dating after a weird experience at the beach… Back when you were basically a twig of a girl, and you had a hopless crush on his toned frame… You’ve obviously been chubbing up a bit as of late, and, while he hasn’t commented on it, he’s definitely been very stand-offish as of late. You haven’t been… intimate… In almost 3 weeks, despite seeing him three or four times a week.

-Trish, your co-worker:

Trish works at the Bookstore with you, she’s pretty cool. She’s chubbier- think of Velma from Scooby-Doo, but with a better fashion sense. Her frame has always been “boxy”- average boobs, bit of a belly, average butt and hips. The few times you’ve bitched about your weight, she’s been pretty chill about your gain over the past few months, making you feel more confident than you probably should have. Sometimes you’ll grab dinner with her, although you both tend to pig out.

-Meghan, your best friend:

You and Meghan go way back. She’s been in your life since high school, and she used to be your workout buddy. You’ve both eased off on the gym (you, especially) but whereas you’ve definitely pudged up over the past few months, Meghan has more or less stayed the same, just with slightly less definition. Still, she’s you’re best friend, and you talk to her almost every day.