dayshift at freddys but with fat cryptids

i will make a demo at some point. and the cryptids that are moth man, the loch ness monster, batman, cat cactus yes this was real and a kind of wendigo. no dead kids


why does free rpg maker suck

this is what i mean this is hard to use

Boat hound | Cryptid Wiki | Fandom look at is

it is a very weird looking cryptid it also looks like it could be used as a boat if you are on good terms with it.

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it VORES boats and looks dumb. this is my favorite cyprtid

My favorite cryptids are kappa and werewolf’s and yokai there are a lot I know from Touhou project but I don’t want to see the yokai that look like the touhou characters in a fetish game cause they are special to me and the Touhou project community

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is there a good to place all of the cryptids i am going to use so i do not clutter this page?

you could always put it in a document and put the link on this page I’ve seen people use it here and it does work

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cool cyptidz - Google Docs these are some of the cryptids i am using

that’s a lot of cryptids how are you going to do all that

not all of them are going to be characters allot of them are going to be Easter eggs

that makes more sense