DBD feederism perk pack

alright, time for a shot in the dark.

I remember a few months ago while browsing DA I came across a few perk icon packs that involved feederism stuff, which I thought looked pretty rad. However, I didn’t have DBD at the time, so I couldn’t really do anything and I didn’t think about downloading them just to hold onto. I bought the game recently and wanted to install it finally. The problem is (and the reason why I’m asking about it) lololxdxdwt, the person who made the packs, deleted their DA account and any post on it went with it. I have the links to them but they all lead to 404s and the wayback machine doesn’t have any snapshots. I was wondering if anyone else had downloaded the packs when they were up and wondering if there was any way to find them. The only other name attached to the packs are someone named ArtistUnknown, but finding someone with a name like that is a nightmare. It’s niche, I know, but whatever

DBD perk pack v5.7z (1.1 MB)
Uhh idk if you still needed it but someone brought it to my attention on discord. So here you go. :slight_smile:


yoooooo holy shit, big mcthankies from mcspankies for this

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