DDLC Pro Origins (This Topic Has Been Discontinued And Replaced)

welcome to my main page of ddlc pro which includes a massive remake of the original doki doki literature club game without any fetishes except for what normal anime gives you on anime girls also many other fetish and kink based ddlc games to play i have so much planned for this there will be so many branches choices and endings lots and lots of secrets Easter eggs achievements so so much more if you have any questions about this game ask away here

Also by the way here’s the pictures that I can share with you all

(fyi this topic has been permanently abandoned if you still wanna play ddlc pro check out the return of ddlc pro topic)


I’m honestly not even sure what the game is going to be within its own page about it. From this line alone it seems like you’re making a non fetish ddlc with added content. But you’ve also tagged it with a “fat” tag. So is it going to be a fetish ddlc or just the base game with additional content?


I will be that guy and say I don’t put much stock in a visual novel project where the opening forum posts are run-on sentences and poor grammar…

And like Krod states, what exactly is the plan, what makes this different from the original DDLC WG project aside from more fetishes?


The pre alpha 1-A of ddlc pro is now available

remember what i said this is just a test build to see if everything works properly if no one reports any bugs for 1 or 2 days yall may end up getting the awesome pre alpha 2 tomorrow or the next day but if there are still bugs being reported you’ll have to wait longer for the pre alpha 2 now enjoy playing


So like… Is there going to be pictures of the product or something? Kinda wanna know what I’m getting myself into before I download…

I hope you enjoy I put a whole lotta work into this version

the rest of the pictures could spoil things so I can’t upload them you guys are in for a hell of a ride after all

In my opinion you should update and edit your first post with any pictures, links, dev note updates that you chose to make. If/when this thread gets larger with more links and new versions of the game (especially since you are in pre alpha territory) in my experience people aren’t going to dig through the thread for whatever the most recent version is and (hopefully) this is going to stop alot of the “where can I get the latest version?” questions.


This project sure does look familiar to another DDLC weight gain project that was posted up some years ago. Particularly the art.

I do hope you have sought the appropriate permissions from the artists!


Since you mentioned that DDLC weight gain visual novel, Yuri and Sayori from that said visual novel sprites are almost the exact same in this DDLC project. But hey I’m just some random pervert so what do I know.

Wait so are you just uploading someone else’s game on android without asking after editing it a little bit?

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Isn’t it kind of strange how there are so many deleted posts from you the creator of this project? Also, one last nitpick, you have stated: “game without any fetishes except for what normal anime gives you on anime girls.” Yet all the sprites are fat in this game with the fat tag(not to mention this is a fat fetish-based website). So is it a fat fetish game or a non-fetish game with “normal” anime sprites as you’ve said?


That’s because those sprites are the exact same sprites from the old game.

I know this because I wrote that old games story and had all the art developed for it and programmed part of it lol


I would like to state for everyone’s notice that if you feel your copyright has been infringed or violated please contact us directly via DM or through support@weightgaming.com.

We will work with you to get everything sorted as quickly as possible.


The deleted posts was from him spamming each individual pic he wanted to share, not for any suspicious reason.

Just…competency in action right there…

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I knew it the moment I saw the sprites of the characters. I also knew you were the writer for the game.
This is off-topic and I don’t want to bother you any longer, but I love the Plus Size ICU you do with Debuiscool, some projects you’ve done in the past with so many amazing artists, and some of your stories.

All good. Thanks btw!

Ah I see, I thought he was trying to cover something up. But that is kind of funny. Thank you for telling me btw

there is nothing suspicious going on if you look back at someone else’s comment on this topic he/she requested this entire topic to be changed to access versions easier that is the only reason the rest of it got deleted

also i really enjoyed your game dr jack black thanks for being on this topic I didn’t expect that