Debu Debu Literature Club Inaccessible

Hello, Purrine’s Debu Debu Literature Club does not seem to include a download anymore. Is it somewhere, or does someone have the game’s files directly, or is the game gone for reasons I am unaware of?

The reason is they put it on The Licensing of DDLC does not allow for fan content to be posted on sites where they can be sold (even if being distributed for free) so the creators asked them to remove it.

Do you mean the whole game or the mini game where you tap left to right to feed two of the characters removed?
Because I’ve only seen these three:
DDLC sayori red version
DDLC Yuri blue version
A special day V3
Feeding mini game
I’ve seen the first three on my list were still recently in deviantart.
Are there any other versions of this game?

tis it is the minigame

Really? I thought the OP meant something else since they mentioned ‘download’, and the mini game doesn’t have a download link on it.

The game seems to not exist anymore… And was there a full version?

From what I’ve seen there are four:
DDLC Sayori red and Yuri blue ver. (Not sure what’s the difference they seem to follow the same story beats), you pretty much go through chapters that involve preventing each of the girls from suffering their bad ends (except for Monika), and then there’s a festival at the end.

Then there’s the Monika’s special day I think which is just a bunch of bad ends and may be a prequel to the two above.
And finally the feeding mini game.

Idk if there are other versions or what not.

Well, I can’t find any of the versions currently(No natsuki version?).

Sup, here’s a deviantart page from the author, which contains various Google Drive links.

Edit: and for the sake of completeness

Yup what chillmistressfreia just posted are the ones I saw and also the ddlc yuri blue and sayori red.

Also the image for the mini game has a link in the description that’ll take you to,but the mini game requires a password which is also in the description but for expediency sake it’s DDLC I forgot if it was cap sensitive though but I do remember it’s either all caps or lowercase.

The mini game is also present in the yuri blue version of the game as part of the story, but you can only use Monika and yuri, and you can’t set the timer to relaxing, easy, normal, or hard.

Once you finish the game’s story, you unlock the full version of the minigame. Along with a little extra thing.