Debutopia when?

debutopia and it’s sequel; motto debutopia; is still unstranslated despite being a high quality and big budget weight gain/ feede pieces of content.

i’m surprised the is no translation ebing that this fetish is getting more meinstream by the day.
the main issues i’ve discussed with anons on image forums is that they don’t know what engine the game uses. do you guys know of anyone that is making an effort? i heard someone is but the effort was slow or even halted.

maybe i can help although i would just end up using the google translate


I remember learning about this game years ago. I suppose professional virtual novels are costly to translate for their companies, and since the game is so old and the fact that the fat fetish is still rather niche, I suspect the company behind Debutopia didn’t feel like there’d be enough profit to justify translating it. Obviously, I hope it does end up getting translated by someone as I’ve always been curious as to what the game is like

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here’s a link to the sequel.
it’s kinda expensive for a porn visual novel tho

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Thanks, also wasn’t expecting it to be so graphic haha! But yeah if it’s not even translated, then it’s not worth paying ¥2,200

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Certainly hope someone can, I always wanted to see the games in English (and admittedly to not have to pay for them, but i’ll “take” even an easier route of payment)

I remember playing this eons ago, using some auto translation tool which basically just placed eight boxes next to the game with 8 different translations from google translate and several other sources. Those translations were awful and all 8 gave you something different. But google translate has improved a lot since then, though still awful for japanese. I don’t remember using anything special, so I’m guessing this is one of the novels where you can extract the text with pretty much any random translation tool for visual novels.

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There are two major roadblocks here, and I doubt either one will be resolved anytime soon.

  1. The game is packed with Valkyria’s own archive format, and while common VN archive tools look like they can probably extract the files, there’s nothing that supports repacking them. In fact, from a quick glance at VNDB, I don’t see anything that looks like a completed fan translation of a Valkyria title. Even if you wrote your own tool to re-archive the files you’ve extracted and edited, you might find that the engine’s encoding and font choices don’t lend themselves well to non-Japanese scripts, necessitating modification of the executable itself.

  2. There’s a general lack of translators with both the will and skill to write a decent translation, and machine translation is no substitute. For small bits of text, you can certainly get the gist through Google Translate, etc., but with anything more involved you’re kind of screwed. Machine translators don’t handle nuance very well, and unlike humans they’re pretty much incapable of retaining context from one text box to the next. You might be able to use something like Translation Aggregator to get machine translations from a variety of sources at once, then look at what they have in common to get a gist of what’s being said, but you’ll still end up with names being translated directly into English-equivalent words, and even half-decent puns will end up looking like nonsense.

If you just want to speed through and have a vague idea of what’s going on, you might be fine just trying to use Translation Aggregator with some sort of hooking tool. If you want anything better than that, you’d probably have to commission a translation and the tools to insert it.

I suggest Textractor which works well for anything it can hook to. I’ve played an entire JP RPG using Textractor and I was able to understand most of it, and I’ve read quite a few visual novels using Textractor as well.

Never tried to hook it to a Valkyria novel, but it could do the job well enough if it hooks.

Yeah $20 is pretty steep for something like this. It doesn’t really look like a weight gain VN, just a porn VN but the main character is fat.

Kind of why I avoid the doujin and hentai stuff allegedly centered around WG, more often then not it’s 10% fat stuff and 90% wet sex scene. Definitely not my thing.


there’s actual inflation through soda and some weight gain/ feederism

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I was thinking about it the other day, and found this:

I don’t know if this is still in progress but he’s done some official VN translations fairly recently. 🤷

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I vaguely remember seeing it on some website years ago.

I just played the first game and here’s a general guide how to play it.
You will have to get past some pretty iffy auto-translation errors such as vagina being confused with tumors half of the time

How to play it

  1. Get ScreenTranslator from here
  2. Get the ordinary (not vertical) japanese recognizer from the settings/update tab and set recognition to japanese…
  3. Get the japanese translator - I used DeepL since a quick google said it was the best, and from experience of google translate, it does do a better job of it since it somtimes presents one or two alternative translations. Main issues with translating japanese is the lack of subject, translators often mistranslate I/she/he so don’t expect perfection, but it does way better than google in most cases. Set translation to 5 seconds timeout, english. Ignore correction.
  4. When you got it running, mark the text area using the right mouse button and try not to catch any borders or buttons. Save the selection.
  5. Now you can use ctrl-alt-q to auto translate, the translation pops up in a gray box. Note that sometimes the game reacts to either one of these keys and starts skipping. It doesnt happen every time, but if you want to make sure to catch some piece of dialogue just click out of the game window to do the hotkey. Use autosave in game frequently if you accidentally start skipping willy nilly.
  6. Optional. Get AutoHotKey and make a text file that you rename to whatever.ahk and run it to map CapsLock to ctrl-alt-q so you can press it quickly. Sample script:

This method works pretty well, but you’ll notice that there is a fair bit of onomatopoeia and sound effects written that can just be skipped. The kissing scene and sex scenes are just described in excruciating detail like they were written for literal virgins that have never experienced sex so a lot can be skipped. Usually the interesting weight related parts are during foreplay or inbetween the sex scenes.

A few notes about the game

  1. This wouldn’t translate to english super well. Both of the characters are acting in extremely japanese ways. The guy is often an asshole but does get in some light teasing every once in a while, and seems to sometimes honestly be pressuring her to lose weight because of the general cultural stigma that’s way worse over there.
  2. They miss out on some opportunities to show her gaining weight though the dialogue indicates that she does. It might just be lazy artists not wanting to redraw the character.
  3. The story is in equal parts cute as hell, as it is the MC being annoying. Little things, like the thumping noises you hear when she runs because her fat ass is always late.

In conclusion, content wise, it’s not a bad take really. It’s just that there is just so little professional content for this subgenre that it’s really one of the only things we have so if we had more of it, it would rate it at maybe an average novel. But since this is such a rare thing, I do recommend a playthrough of it, especially if you’re interested in japanese culture and that sort of thing in addition to wanking it to a fat high school girl wanting to do everything for the previously virgin bf that saved her fat cat.

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