Deleting Account


Couldn’t find a way to delete my account on my preferences. Can someone help me with that?

Well, I don’t know if it’s something that you have to wait a few hours for if it’s a new account or not, but under Preferences you scroll all the way down and there’s a button for it.

Discourse only allows users to delete their account if they have less than 1 post. This is to prevent possible data corruption to the other topics or topics the user created because their account is not in the system anymore. Looking at your account you seem to have 3 posts so you will not be able to delete your account.

A safer options is we can Anonymize your account and deactivate it. The account will continue to exist but it will be scrubbed of all user data. If you are interested in talking about your options feel free to message me directly so we can help you deactivate your account.

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I can’t figure out how to directly message. There doesn’t seem to be any button for it when I go to the messaging tab. I would be happy to have you just make the account anonymous as you suggested.