Deleting Characters

There should be a button that allows you to delete data. There should be prompts before you confirm to delete one though, as to avoid any thing accidental.

Just clear your browsing history and take out files that you want to keep, and put them back into macromedia afterwards.

What if for some reason they can’t find a way to delete it?

Then you need to fix your browser. If you can’t clear your browsing history then it probably has a virus.

Apologies for such a late reply. There’s been a lot going on in my life lately, and many things have slipped my mind.

As to deleting saves, as has been stated, if you play in browser you can simply clear the history and manual clear the save cookies (something that starts with “TE_” but I don’t know for sure, sorry).
For when one plays and saves on a desktop, the saves should be located at “C:\Users[b]UserName[/b]\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player#SharedObjects\L255GSH4\localhost”
Just clear out the ones you don’t want from there.

In general though saves can be saved over, so there should be any big consequences to leaving them be. I’ll look into making deletion functions though eventually, as, if i have the time, there will more than likely be others who’ll want such a thing.