design help on two ideas I had.

so as a few people may know I have been planning a few game idea in hope in a few years or so I can commission someone who actually has the skills for it to make those ideas in to games (and since some have misunderstood this. I hope in a few years to pay someone to make games based off my ideas. yes someone thought I would make other pay to make my games no idea how they got that idea)
anyway. I have been having problem with two ideas. both idea have a heavy vore aspect but that’s not the problem. (still a ton of weight gain but more vore to gain weight kind of game) but the problem i have is a but more on two things
the first game is meant to be a nuclear wasteland survival game. but with the player being a mutant monster not a survivor (if it was fallout you would be a deathclaw) the problem is. the player character of course would harvest meat from hunting other mutated animals if they haven’t just straight ate them with vore. but by logic means they would also harvest “survivors” (furry fan so they won’t all be humans) but I am not sure that would be a good idea. I mean you can vore them but its the cartoonish swallow whole kind not butchering them.
the other is more pure consume the world kind of game and while in the first game the player can pick to vore just bandits or other assholes and ignore the more innocent survivors, the second game would be much more consume everyone but again I don’t know if I want to have that be the core idea so anyone have ideas on how to counter them? not butchering normal survivors and not voring completely innocent people when your ment to eat the world or something to that effect?

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as for not eating normal survivors you could incentivize to keep them alive. like they need to grow food so you can steal some of theirs, getting more in total from that then just eating them outright. maybe keeping raiders away would led them to be able to produce more food instead of having to spend energy on defending themselves.

as for not eating innocent people while trying to eat everything in the world, the player could be some strange creature that lives on non-edible things instead. so you would eat houses but not people.

thanks for both ideas. though for the first game it wasn’t eating normal survivors that was the problem. I always thought you could just ignore them in eating terms and focuse on things like raiders or something. the problem was harvesting the raider (or survivor) bodies for meat. as in actually carving them up for meat that was the problem. the vore is similar to super fatty rpg. more about the swallowing and sudden weight over really feeling them digest.

And mind sharing your opion on one counter for the second game’s problem? I was thinking it could go could like the second game is a become a god style game and if you spare more people you can get worshipers who help get more food. since I was also thinking you could eat energy sources

oh, couldn’t you just have a contextual interact function or something like that?

my idea of incentivizing keeping them alive might work better for the second game then. If it is like a god game you could have it function similarly to the black & white games where you can ether try to get people to follow you because you make life great for them or try to brute force your will on people.

um I’m dense at time could you explain what that means

never played black and white but I get what you mean. when I had the god game idea I did have the thought of the player spending some of the mass they had to improve the crop fertility. or like improving their followers technology through basically a inspiration spell. and while both would help the players growth (the crop buff gets them more net longer term food even if they get the same percent of the yield and the tech imporvment would unlock things like space travel increasing long term power base)

basically you would walk up to a bandits corpse and a thing would come up that says: Press X to cut up. or something like that.

you should probably check it out to get some inspiration and see what works and what doesn’t
(the god even have a huge creature to command)

so basically just don’t give it many details?

and good place to see it?

yes pretty much. I don’t think it needs to be especially detailed

you can find someone playing the game on youtube (here is one from a guy I like) or you can play it yourself, I’m not sure if the game is still being sold though…

cool the biggest part of the wholoe harvest problem was. well lore wise it made sense the character is a mutant monster and never was “human” for lack of a better term so I had no way to say why they wouldn’t without breaking lore and making it a cop out

looked in no real way to play black and white

hey mind if I ask your opion on a idea I have been having for the first game? since I did think the player would get loot weapons meds and money. but with the whole player is a mutant monster kind of game I was thinking the player could have a robot companion that can buy stuff. also crafting while a melee weapon could still be useable for the player a gun. not so much but hey nothing to say since they are a smart mutant they couldn’t make the weapon

It sounds like it would be fun, but it’s a bit hard to judge because I don’t know to much about it. I don’t know what genre it is even but I would suspect it’s a RPG, it could be anything that fits an open world game though. but playing as a mutant would be interesting because of how others react to you and you could have some pretty strange abilities.

I mostly see it as a open world rpg survival game. it is set in a wasteland after all. there could be some goal like gaining a set size and starting your own nest to have others of your kind with some of your actions affecting things. like if you mostly fought bandits and ignored or even help the more innocent survivors your group could be more seen as heros. since I do think your player mutant is a sentient creature just one with very different thought style then normal beings. closer to primal instincts.