Developer Blog (July 1st, 2016)

Hi ya’ll. I wanted to give an update of what I’ve been working on recently. The randomly generated floor maps are completed. However I don’t want to release them yet because I haven’t made enemies or events to place on floor 2, and even floor 1 is looking a little bare! And while trying to create new enemies and events I realized how basic the combat is and it’s really not in the place I’d like it to be before I start expanding to new floors.

So I’ve been working on Classes and Skills. Even if these systems aren’t fully released by next update, I had to create skills in order to make enemies more exciting in battle so that the new enemies I release aren’t just goblin v2. For example I can now give enemies the “Feed” skill which makes things interesting! Among other things. :slight_smile:

Feed-skill sounds truly great. (Very enthusiastic at this point) And there’s nothing wrong with goblins, methinks. Perhaps some of them could learn to feed - or the fairies might turn to feeders at times. Endless possibilities. Very exiting!