Developer Blog (November 13th, 2016)

Hi everyone. It’s been a while so I’m gonna do another mini update. I have the class system working, but right now I only have the skills and the class trainer dialog/quest completed for the Caster. The Warrior class is still being worked on. Here is a screenshot (I’m posting the link since it’s a big image):

You can switch between classes through the class UI (though I’m going to prevent you from switching in combat before it’s released). Once you’ve activated a class, you will gain exp towards that class upon defeating monsters. You can only use the skills from your active class in battle and only your active class will gain experience from battle. Oh and I’m thinking max class level is 20 and a new skill is learned every 5 levels. I’ll probably make it more complicated later but this will work for now.

So is this update live or?

I'm going to prevent you from switching in combat [b]before it's released[/b]
So is this update live or?
Sounds like not yet. Looking good though, look forwards to giving the different classes a spin when you do finish is up!

That looks really nice, my favorite part is how you can have all the classes and switch between them. Wonder what the Warrior class will bring.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the Caster class being released if it’s ready, unless you want to release both classes at the same time.