Developer Blog (October 23rd, 2016)

Hi everyone, I’m here to give an update of what I’ve been working on. This patch will take longer since I’m adding two new systems to the game, Quests and Classes. Right now I have the quest system working. I went for a minimalist approach that allows for quests to have two types of requirements: a) Kill requirements, b) Checkpoint requirements, which are dialog nodes in events, so basically talking to people or doing certain actions in events. I don’t want to make things more complicated than that for Quests since I don’t think I’m a good enough coder for that. Here’s a screenshot of the Quest UI:

Next would be the Class system. To start, I’ll release two classes, Caster and Warrior. These are just standard magic and melee dps archetypes. Because I have to design the class trainers and the class quest, I had to keep putting off the class system. But it’s time now, and all the building blocks are there to construct it.

Also you might have noticed with the last patch items haven’t been dropping from combat encounters. I kinda broke that, so it’ll be fixed with the next patch heh heh…

Nice, great to see these features coming along!

Is there any way I can receive an automatic notice when an update happens?

On a board, click the “Notify” button. I’ve never used it myself so I’m not sure what it does but I think it sends you a forum notification when a new thread appears here.