Diet Go Go

I was playing in an arcade the other day and stumbled across a cabinet called “Diet Go Go”. Here is a quick summary from this page about the game:

Diet Go Go (タンブルポップ) is a platforming video game developed by Data East and released in 1992 for arcades.

The characters attack by throwing sweets at enemies, which then inflate and can be kicked to hit other enemies. Defeated enemies drop score items, power-ups and coins which will spin a roulette for a random prize. If the players are hit by enemy attacks or pick junk food items they become fat, with another hit/food item picked making the player lose a life.

There’s minimal weight gain involved, but there is one sprite at least for each of the two playable characters in addition to inflated versions of many enemies. All in all it wasn’t a super enjoyable title gameplay-wise, just a pretty standard platformer, but I felt it would be a shame not to say something about it on the off chance someone would enjoy it.

You can emulate it with MAME or find various sites letting you play it, but for typical reasons involving ROM’s and emulation you’ll be on your own to find a source!


NGL, I kind of want to learn how to mod just to overhaul this game. Maybe like, fatten people and escape dieticians.