Diner Miner


Get yourself some gems from the the legendary Confectionary Cave! Just be sure to leave yourself enough space to get out…

My take on this year’s theme of push the limits! WASD for movement, E to interact, Q for weight loss pills, and space for dynamite.


I can’t seem to find the game. Is there a mistake, or is there something wrong with my browser?


Had the wrong settings on the itch page, it should be visible now.


Always enjoy seeing your games, i wasnt understading at first but kinda got it along the way to what each thing does.

For now my 2 things are, colision problem, i hit once the ceiling to try and heading there and automatically got glued to it and pushed to the west and got locked there. Every time i try to mine west i also get glued to the wall and it forces me to go vertically, lost once when going deep and saw a gem to the west and i was forced to eat all the wall from there to the top. Also, the price of the pills seems very high compared to using coin, i understand the ease of popping the pill anywhere but i only used it when i got glued to the wall, since i knew i was going to lose for being forced to eat my way up and it felt very little that i lost.

Love the concept a lot, reminds me of Dome Keeper, not sure if that was the inspiration since there are a few games like that as well


The shop is too expensive and I die every 3 minutes due to getting stuck.


Oh man I always love your entries for the yearly gain game jams. Never thought that a mining resource manager would make for such a good WG based game, but it makes sense the more you think about it. Especially with you playing as a mole and dig/eating your way through the earth.

Obviously there are some collision issues to fix out, since mining to the left or up makes you character get stuck and forced to slide along/eat your way out . Also unfortunately I don’t see a good reason to use either the weight loss pills or dynamite, barring an emergency where you get too big and get stuck (which is partially due to the collision bug).

I think it might help to make the pills take out a percentage of your overall weight rather than a flat amount. That way it you still don’t want to buy them early game, especially considering that the direct weight loss option will always be close by. But as you have to walk down and back up farther and farther, and you have more money overall, so then it starts to become a better option.

As for the dynamite, the bit of weight you save by using it doesn’t off set its big price value. It might be cool to have a rare chance for hidden treasures, barricaded up by steel/similarly strong blocks that can’t be eaten through.

Oh and I’m not sure if it might just be a ME issue, but the game seems to lag pretty bad. Saving, quitting the game and loading in doesn’t seem to help much. But I do notice that its worse the farther down I go sometimes, so maybe it has something to do with that?

Either way I’m sure you have a lot of good fixes and additions in store for this, can’t wait to see them!

EDIT: After loading up a new game, it runs smooth like butter. So it must be something in the back ground, building up lag over time. I can even see the CPU usage of the game spiking in task manager.


There’s a really good shell of a game here right now, I got a dopamine hit when I realised capacity worked like Spacethumper, but to parrot others, I pretty much immediately got stuck in the collision bug and couldn’t escape. This happened multiple times and got annoying enough that I stopped trying completely.

I don’t see why I’d bother with pills or dynamite, personally. They don’t seem cost effective even if I understand their utility, but I’d really rather have more control over my own success and failure, if that makes sense.

I have complete faith that these issues will be fixed, but I thought mentioning them was important so you get a feel for how it is affecting the average player. Looking forward to seeing where this goes, I think the concept itself is good enough to deserve its own game if that’s ever something you decide to come back to.


What was playing through my head when playing:

Looking good so far! Beyond echoing the same issues as before (the collision and speed/lagginess as you proceed further in) I enjoyed my time with it overall. Hoping to see more artwork of what I presume to be the mole lady as I think the character design is neat overall!

Even despite the bug with digging left and up, it made it an interesting challenge to traverse around. I would have been fine had I not expanded to needing 4 tile widths and needing to eat my way out to widen the corridors, which invariably forced me into the left wall and the Corner of Doom.


Looking forward to seeing this refined!
PS: stompy footsteps at higher weight sizes please! :pray:


Unplayable, some shit drags the character upwards.


Yeah, there seems to be a problem with the collision where the player is forced up and to the left if they hit a block from the bottom or the right.

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Geez, I don’t know how I never encountered the collision bug before this, I guess I messed something up while doing final tweaks before the download. Pills might get a little cheaper but will always be more expensive than using the “gym” since they’re mostly supposed to be a last ditch get out of jail card if you end up eating yourself too wide to get out of the tunnel you dug. Gonna have to figure out where that memory leak is too.

Probably going to use this for dynamite, maybe have some actual boulders that you can’t just eat through.


Yeah folding dynamite into the late-game for finding hidden bonuses or shortcuts makes sense to me

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Yeah, I’ve been having issues with the collision bug as well, and it ruined most runs for me. But overall, I like the game :blush:


The game as is feels a bit too grindy and slow. The shop is very expensive and atleast of the money always go to losing weight. The pills are too expensive and remove the weight you lose by paying 10-20 bucks and pressing left and sometimes up makes the player stick and float upwards in the w direction making mining on the left impossible.

In my opinion you need to fix first the bugs and then make the game a bit more fast paced, cut all of the downtime and have the players get to the fun part as fast as possible for an enjoyable experience.

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Gave it another go and was able to push it to the end, the slowdown is enormous and im glad you did the save system from your previous games working correctly, or else i wouldnt be able to.

I was able to use the collision problem as an advantage, digging always south and whenever i needed to return i “glued” myself to the west wall and would let me carry to the top like an elevator. Was able to buy all upgrades and i agree with special things behind harder rocks that use dynamite could help deepen more of the game.

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Did a quick patch to fix the collision issues and add some animations.


Upon messing/testing around i found out that eating up or down and changing size in a 2 block wide, your character doesn’t get stuck and instead no-clip in the wall and allow you to upward or downward as far you don’t create a breathing room to get out of the wall.

Also you can still turn the character up or down with the keys in the pause menu, which you can still eat any wall that is next to you.

Except for those, the new patch is great


MAN the lag wheen you reach the white area is killing me. You go about 2 if not 3 times slower than ussual due to the lag.

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Sometime I keep digging downward and yet it’s getting lagging slower and slower. For seconds, I thought my pc was overheat but the game actuaily lagging itself. At least I enjoy playing it.


Happy with the latest hotfix. Still some collision issues where you can overlap and are forced to slide over wall tiles which can have you digging impossible one-tile-wide tunnels as the game tries to get the player back into empty space to reestablish things. At the very least we’re not having game-ending situations now.

The upgrades and the ease of which our miner character can dig through edible rock by the end of things has me thinking a little about the character and her motivation - where we can add the “juice” factor to compel people to play, of which I think the key is in the main character and her personality.

She’s a miner, and is compelled to dig and eat to find gems, no matter how big she gets in the process. In fact she is prone to greedily overeating if she isn’t careful! All of this lends an interesting personality to the character: someone who clearly enjoys her work and is driven to pushing the limits, of both her job as well as her own.

Where am I going with this? Well as Spacethumper and previous games showed you aren’t a slouch when it comes to character dialog. It could be an idea for the miner to speak aloud her thoughts (she’s a solitary creature so probably used to being a solo-conversationist) and essentially communicate with the player. Would be fun to see the character wanting to push herself, grumbling (good naturedly) about the job, or remarking that she has plenty room left now that she’s bigger and want to continue getting greedily stuck in!

Helps the player further bond with a character they are effectively bound to over the course of play.

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