Dining with the Fae, Ver 0.02 (A twine game by yours truly)

Dining with the Fae. Ver 0.03 by magictrio1118 (itch.io)

This update is very lore heavy

Hello! This is the first ever game I am trying to make, it is still in the very early stages of development and I haven’t even started on the female aspect of it which will be added soon. Please tell me of grammar and spelling mistakes, as even with English being my first language, I’m just a bit stupid. As it is in its very beginning stages the word count is only about 3000 or so words, but I’m working on it.


I have plans to add other kinks to this, if you like what little I have done, I strongly encourage you to ask, because there is a very high chance that i will at least try to incorporate it into the game. Art may eventually come along, but i wouldn’t count on it since I’m a pretty bad artist and I’m not doing AI art, any suggestions are very much welcome! Things i may already incorporate is preg, but please give more suggestions,


Dinning with Fae would be an obvious name.

as for kinks i think adding a preg and potentially shrinking might be interesting be it Fae who think they would like the MC as a pet or wanting to use them to help increase their species population numbers.

Loving it so far, the writing is good and is already setting a good scene with what us already there. Near the end I noticed ]] on both the options. Unsure if that is purposeful to show that is where the scene currently ends or is a mistake.

Playing on mobile so may have missed it. But yes, loving it so far and can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Is there a full-window or full-screen option that can be enabled? On my computer, the game is compressed into a very small space in the itch.io page and it’s difficult to read.

This maybe would help?


Thats a good name for it im not gping to lie, and yea i think i could do preg, but im not entirely sure what shringung is, care tk elaborate. Also thank you gerybjxub for liking it!

Those swuare bravkets were a mistake, apologies, i will remove them when ineill get further on this, im glad you liked it so muxh

I’ll see what i can do about that, thsnk younfor bringing thebissue as a whole up

Hehddhdh thank you, i will go look into that

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it’s basically like those images of girls a big as buildings and planets but instead they have shrunk down to the size of smaller people of house hold objects for example

Ooh ok, i might try that, ill see what i can do with that

Dining with the Fae. Ver 0.03 by magictrio1118 (itch.io)


What are the news in this update ?

I added a whole lot of lore and started a sex scene!