DinoSystem is an ecosystem simulator but contains a top-down, hardcore survival game.

It is single player and fairly cheap.

You are a nude human on an island with some dinosaurs-- but honestly in most cases the environment itself is more dangerous than the dinos. You can construct tools, weapons, crude structures, but you are a hunter-gatherer and cannot farm. So you need to get out there and find fruit to eat and meat to kill.

It is… very difficult. One mistake can lead to a snowball effect that kills you now, or might not kill you until a few days later. Very trial-and-error.

Depending on your diet and activity, your character can get fatter or bulkier with muscles. Or both. You can actually START the game heavier, but you won’t get as many points to put towards skills. I prefer to start of as a smaller, more experienced guy and use my skills to thrive, until the point where I’m hunting Tyrannosaurs and growing THICC off their delicious meat. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you eat or drink too much you’ll gain a ‘bloated!’ status effect, there’s no visual for it but your character will belch on occasion and won’t be able to run or jump while overstuffed. Also the bigger and heavier you get, the slower you’ll move, and the lower you’ll jump, BUT you’ll stay warmer and stagger less when hit and take more damage.

aaaand apparently the most recent update introduced the option to play as a female.

link to Steam page: DinoSystem on Steam


This sounds like a lot fun to play!

Sounds interesting!

Although I wonder if it’s moddable, since I doubt it’s prone to get more “fetish-related” gameplay elements as it’s probably not that sort of game.

it is, once you learn the ropes. I ALMOST returned it because I found it so frustrating, it’s super hardcore. But it’s awesome once you’ve become the top predator on the island and are thriving, with nice t-rex steaks to keep yourself beefy and powerful, and the dino population firmly under YOUR control (as much as possible… the weather and seasons are more powerful than you).

yeah idk about moddable. Definitely not now. It’s been in EA forever; it’s a one-man project AFAIK.
I for one would like to see multiplayer PVE. I wanna pack my buddies fulla meat and watch 'em get laarrrge.

It would be great if there was an opportunity to replace sprites with your own, because this human sprites awfull.

agreed. You do get to watch him bulk up over time if you’re playing well, but yyyeah there’s some imagination involved since it’s top-down.

I mean it’s like ark survival but with weight gain and no taming

sort of, yes?
You actually can tame, apparently, but you can’t ride. And I believe you have to start from an egg rather than ARK’s methods.

ARK but with weight gain and muscle growth instead of… freakish Chernobyl people. Mmm.

I’m not convinced. There must be some pictures or somewhere that can prove this.

lol about what? taming? I thought the Dev said in a post that he’d implemented it

No, I mean if the player sprite does change due to weight gain.

it does, I promise you. I own the game and have managed at least one playthrough where I survived two winters. I didn’t get like super obese, but I definitely nearly doubled in weight from the start of the game to when I finally stopped. Your sprite does actually grow, very slowly, with both fat and muscle.

As to what that’ll look like with the new female sprite, idk. Haven’t played the game in awhile, just saw a post from the dev about it on steam and thought “hey I wonder if there’s a post about it on weightgaming”

When you start game you can change character weight and muscle mass. You will see how sprite changes with it. For my personal tastes human sprites in this game looks very bad:

According to creators screenshot female would look the same except of minor changes on nipples.

:stuck_out_tongue: yeah they’re not great, I agree. But for a one person dev-team? He’s doin’ alright. Despite the angle and the low-quality of the art, it’s good stuff when you notice you’re getting bigger after a few successful hunts and barbeques… and when realize you’ve packed on a bit and are probably gonna make it through the winter alright.

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Quick update on this, the female player is out! It’s not the greatest graphical achievement, but it works 🤷🏼

Are there photos of the weight gain in female sprites? I wanna see if they’re good enough for me to support the dev

Unfortunately I refunded my game, but I’d say it was pretty much like the male weight gain, only the breasts were a bit larger and the hair was longer

Damn would’ve been nice for me to see it before buying the game