Disable agency?

I could’ve sworn ive seen the option to disable the agency contract generation before in the past. is it possible?

Edit: The toggle_agency event is missing. Why is that?

I don’t recall it being a thing in the past, unless it’s a really old option that’s since been removed or came from some mod. Any particular reason you want to disable the agency?

The game runs smoother without it. After running hundreds of days by at a time the game would attempt to populate the agency with hundreds of contracts. The process would render the game unable to save. It was an option in an old FM build. The “Toggle Agency” option is still in_the_base.walk. But the “toggle_agency” event its tied to is missing. I DID however find agency_update.tpl. Its a template. I removed it. The agency is now disabled. No more contracts are being generated. Success! Runs way better now. However I am curious as to why the option to do this in-game was removed. And can only wonder what I broke by removing that template. So far so good…

I mean, removing the agency can be game-breaking, in the sense that without debug mode it’s possible that you could end up in a situation where you need to hire a new proxy through the agency. But removing (or more safely, setting the activation conditions to 0/False for) the agency update template shouldn’t have much in the way of unforseen consequences - the agency timer won’t update, and as such new agency proxy generation won’t occur as the timer never hits zero. I don’t know of anything else that relies on the agency timer, but that’s not to say that there isn’t anything.