Discord Bot (Because I Wanted To...)

I started tinkering with a RP Discord bot that would allow people to roleplay within the Discord server. Overeating, weight gain, slob, etc. Anyone interested in looking / offering ideas? I’m pretty decent at software development and coding. Idea generation and making a satisfactory experience… that’s not my forte.

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I vaguely remember being in a discord server where they had something similar to that. It worked something like this:

-Each person, upon using a command to request it, would be assigned a base stomach capacity/weight
-You could then eat something to fill up your stomach, which would then drain over time and make you bigger
-You could even possibly feed other people, which would make them go over their max capacity a bit. I think each person had the option to choose whether someone could feed them or not.
-You even had some options for what you fed people based on the food related emojis, with each one having different filling values

That’s about all I can remember about it. Can’t even recall the bot’s name, creator(s) or the server name. It has been a few years since I was on it. Was anybody else on that server?

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i remember something similar to that, but probably not identical. it was a “public”-ish bot that was in a few servers before the creator used it to ban everyone from the servers it was in for some reason, had some similar features to what you’re describing