Discord Button appears to be broke

I know there was already a topic on it but this is a different issue, as in nothing drops down upon clicking it. I don’t code websites, but if it’s too much trouble to fix, can I at least have a link to the discord? I’d love to chat with you guys. Thanks in advance.

You mean the writing.com replacement discord if so here it is

I’m actually talking about the button in the top corner of the screen, next to the twitter button.

Yeah they’re right, the button doesn’t actually work. But alas I can’t create an invite from the server itself

That is odd. It was working before we ran the last update, but we can see it is not working now. We will begin looking into it ASAP; thank you for the heads up.

There is a work around you can and @Midnight can do currently. It looks like the mobile version of the site still has its discord invite working so you can join our discord through your phone till we get the widget fixed.

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Ok @kingsaxatron and @Midnight, so the issue is on Discourse’s side. They changed how some of the Java script works in Themes and in the process broke some of their API. It is currently fixed but we have to wait for the next update for it. You can find more info on it here:

For now we have changed the chat button to now invite the user to the Discord when they click on it instead of displaying the widget. This should be a good stop gap measure till we can get the fix.

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Oh yeah it was working when I joined the discord

I was facing an issue too. Actually, my discord was not updating so I searched about it and found How To Fix Discord Not Updating . They have other errors relating to guides too.