Disney Sheriff of Nottingham weightgain/homo Eurotic game

I have an idea for a homo Erotic weight gain game minus outtie belly buttons a game in which you help the sheriff of Nottingham from Disney’s robin hood gain weight and maybe he has sex with you in his bed chamber and he could have a beach ball gut how does that sound?

is really an idea that I support, but I hope to have a story that leads to WG. does not have to be something complicated. for example, the sheriff is tired of robin wood always making him look bad, mainly because of his weight, he try to lose weight a little, which ends up being a pointless effort, so he asks for help to the character / player who ends up having… lewd thoughts

I just love stories like that, and being something with male content, and with such a character so … full I just think I’d make a good game :slight_smile:

I love that idea we should make it a reality

Oooh, sounds pretty good. Will it be a visual novel? And then there are the methods of helping him get more plump.