Dnd 5e Gaining, Stuffing, Vore Rules

Hello everyone! I’ve made some kinky rules to be used with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. These rules include ways for players to stuff themselves, gain weight and even vore other creatures if you so choose!

Link to the rules:

These rules haven’t been playtested yet, and I am also open to suggestions or ideas for additions.

I got lots of help from my friend on twitter. Go give her a follow too!


I understand the STR and DEX penalties for being extra fat… But why the WIS skill penalty?

Maybe due to the character becoming more lazy as the weight piles on?

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Yeah that’s the idea behind that one.

I see the WIS hit as a person becoming more distracted as well. They become more fixated on food, their grumbling stomach and their next meal etc, as opposed to being attentive to other matters.

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