Do you know from what game is this?

Hrllo guys does somebody know from what game is this image from?


I don’t remember the name, but I’m confident this is a pushbutton expansion flash game I’ve seen on DeviantArt

I’m pretty sure this is a Fetish Master mod . . . or just straight up from Fetish Master. There may be other games this has been used in, but that’s where I think I remember it.

This is from “One more night in the Lab”, an old flash game. I think I have it somewhere. Just give me a moment to upload it.

smith6x7_minigrow824-pub.7z (961.3 KB)

Here we go. Also included is the original game it was based on, disregard the names of the files, these are literally what they were called when I downloaded them.

Also, once again you’ll need the Adobe flash projector to play these outside of your browser (as browser support ended a long time ago): Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads


Also, to unlock everything, make sure you DO everything, including all the dick/ball stuff.
The secrets in the cabinets don’t work since the game was never finished, too, just a heads up.

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For the record, I think this game might be at least five years older than FM, but I’m not sure. It’s OLD, really old.
(EDIT: though now that I think of it, one of the FM mods might’ve used the game’s screencaps for the body scanner. Shame shame, mod dev, heh.)

Please explain HOW to do everything, there’s basically no indication of how to unlock things.

Touch everything, fiddle with stuff.
I haven’t played the game in years, so I don’t really have a lot of specific tips, but I know the picture of her on the screen can be clicked on to target the beams, and if you get her boobs big enough, they push the console out of the way so you have access to something behind it, a switch I think.

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Thx man, appreciate it.

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I tried but i cant break her bra xD

You have to get her chest to max size and then click the three buttons holding it together as fast as possible. I don’t know if speed is a factor or button order but I eventually got it just by rapidly clicking them all at random.

The three buttons have slightly different timeframes that count as “clicked”, so it’s both order AND speed, unless you’re fast enough to bypass the timers. Bare minimum, you have to go crazy fast, though.
I’ve seen some people do tricks like bogging their computers down with a 3D game, or using Cheat Engine to forcefully slow the game down, but I don’t think I’ve done any of those.

@lachtan55 This info is for you too. Just go really fast, try them in different orders, it’ll work out.