Do you make Games or arts just for the fetish or for the fun of making it?

The reason why I am asking this question is because When I first started drawing some of my fetish art so was just for fetish and I was not making it for fun but over time I started having so much fun making ideas, drawing it and see other people liking it that I forgot I am making fetish art work and now it is something that calms me down in this crazy mixed up world.


Both. I like to saturate the market with more of the stuff I like, plus I get to do some worldbuilding for the first time in decades.

I’ve never gotten to developing a game, but I’ve considered writing stories; both elements play a part, and in my case, I’d be playing with at least one story where the main female character is of an origin where she starts out with that kinda figure anyway. It’s based on Fantasy/RPG race traits. I won’t say more, for fear of spoiling the details.

But what I mean to say is, sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both. Depends on what the dev/writer is in the mood for, and what the audience has come to expect from them.

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When it comes to writing (and some previous failed attempts at text adventures), the weight gain is definitely for the fetish. I do have some fun worldbuilding in the process and all of that, but sometimes I look back on what I do and cringe a bit for some reason.

If I’m writing something completely for fun, it’s generally going to be more deep and philosophical than “eat food, get fat, because ___”. I’m weird like that.

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For me it’s mainly about the pleasure of creating something. And the challenge of doing it to the best of my abilities. As a developer I enjoy solving the “puzzles” I set myself. The fetish content is a drive, yes, and particularly WG and TF content present additional challenges too.

I’m not sure if my own creations push my buttons the way other people’s do. I think that’s got a lot to do with knowing how it all works under the covers - there’s nothing unexpected. However, the idea that other people are enjoying it, that’s a good feeling.


honestly just for fun most of the time, i ussualy put my attension on my non fetish games

When I initially started drawing tig bitties, it was because I was attracted to it, but ever since I decided to improve my art and keep growing as a creator I found it much more fun to do that for anything else. When I’m making anything relevant to what I’m into, I never really get hard for it at all. Now that I do character design, whenever I make a character big, I do it purely because it’s fun to design big goofs. And then draw them in stupid lil situations like a morning stroll to get brekkie or stuck in a doorway or whatever, it’s all fun for me.

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I would say a bit of both, but if it’s not fun, I can’t write it. I love creating worlds and characters, and exploring their motivations. And in the case of weight gain stories, what made them gain weight, and then fail to lose it.

I did write a few stories early on that were straight fetish material, but I really didn’t like them. They were dark, uncomfortable things, and they didn’t appeal to my sensibilities at all.

Perhaps somewhat ironically, my favourite work has probably the fewest views, and has received one comment in nearly four years, and it’s not even a WG fic. I haven’t worked on it for awhile because some chowder head hijacked the thread at every opportunity, but he recently deleted his account, so it seems safe to go back to work on it.

Well, once I kick my addictions for Crack-torio and Genshin Impact. And I just reinstalled Morrowind…

Oh God, send help.