Do you wish Voracious was still being developed?

I want this system to continue development at some point… I’m not even sure if people are still playing the game these days since the game stopped development. The official Discord server also shut down.

It seems to be a nice weight gain themed game table top RPG. There are a lot of official “unique mods” that add abilities related to your character’s body such as adding extra stomachs, making your character be able to sacrifice fat to grow taller, and so on.

Generic species categories also exist allowing you to choose a species category most related to your character.

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Personally I would like to see it finished but the system it uses in its current state make me wonder if classes are necessary or not for game play but I still would have liked to see where it went

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What elements do you like about the system?

I like the versatility of it, since unlike other settings you could easily modify this to fit settings more openly without damaging the gameplay with its current state.

I also really love the capacity system since it is a lot more controlled and visual than what goes on in other weight gain games like Ednd and stuff like that. (I still wished that they would have made a sheet that people can copy and edit for personal use but I mean I have a pencil and paper so I’m just being lazy)


Going in blind. Never heard of this, but sounds interesting.

I liked the focus and level of detail with the stomach capacity. It’s something ExpanD&D and other wgttrpgs don’t focus on.