Does anybody wanna join a d&d 5e weight campaing

im thinking about starting a D&D campaign with ExpanDnD on was wondering if anyone would be interested in join.

it would be played on roll20 with text.

Message me if interested or want to ask any questions.

Edit: The theme and content of the campaign we help be decide by the party
Edit 2: Any of any skill level is allowed to join and all offical books + Matt mercer customs classes + ExpanDnD
Edit 3: Discord link Discord
edit 4: Group 1 is full and play on Monday while im starting group 2 that will be playing on Saturday or sunday
Edit 5: Both parties are full for the moment but put up a list for anyone who wants to apply in the future

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BTW what would people prefer in this type of campaign for a story

  • Open world
  • Big plot line

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I’d be interested, but I’ve only played DnD about 3 times so I might struggle a bit.

That fine anybody of any skill is allowed

great! Will it be through a discord? And, text only or also with voice chat?

Text only on roll20 For the moment

Ooh dope. How would we coordinate?

I thinking about making a discord for the game for communication and recaps

Im interested sounds like fun

Tempting, if I wasn’t already swamped with work and in another party I’d be hyped to join! I hope you find a good bunch of folks though :smiley:

Ima kinda interested to be honest

I’m Interested! How do I sign up?

Sounds exciting, how do i apply for the group?

just click the discord group

Dumb question. Would you like a stupid idea for an Npc? normally i’d try to join, but my schedule seems to always be full. 'least I want to do is give my character a proper home.

go right ahead and i look at it

Well this idea is very stupid

In a custom tabletop game I made, I had a chubby Kobold Chef who was keen on cooking the best meals possible. The reasons to his added girth were simple.

  1. This adorable midget of a kobold was a perfectionist, and only served dishes if they were fine tuned.
  2. He was allergic to starch, which would make him puff up. Luckily, “Most” of the added mass would fade after a while. A small portion, though, would remain as dead weight.

Little guy was passionate, energetic, a “true glutton”, and would always be snacking without knowing it. Sadly, never got to use him.

I’ve done a few ERP D&D campaigns. Both as a DM and player, so I do have a bit of experience. Neither of those have been complex enough to require a rulebook, so in that regard I’m a bit of a newcomer. That off the way, for the moment, I’m swamped with work and stressed to fuck, still, if you’re missing a member or DM at any point, do feel free to hit me up.