does anyone have an copy of Love Hina: Ronin 15 full visual novel series pls help me get an download copy

looking for an old game that was by betterwithsalt


Are you sure it was by BWS? I’ve never seen anything about him making a VN, and I’d expect that to generate a lot of buzz in this community because he’s a pretty prominent artist rn.


I don’t think this was ever actually a VN. There was a story/comic collab between Dr-Black-Jack and The-murdellicious way back in 2009

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Its not by specifically BWS. There was a collab between multiple people

There was. It was a collaborative between @DrBlackJack , Murdelli, PervertWithin, Blimpy and Satsurou. There was of course the story as well.

There used to be a link to it on Anime expansion (rip) but @SquirrelGirlDGT still has a video or two floating around I believe LOVE HINA RONIN 15 PART ONE - Weight Gain Visual Novel - YouTube


I think i found it.

If you go to the Wayback Machine of the main site, then click one of the mirror links, it will give you a mediafire link that is still active. Copy that, and you can still download

Windows: Love_Hina_Ronin_15_Chapter_14A-win32
Mac: Love Hina Ronin 15 Chapter 14A-mac


ty man been looking for the file because the main got to old or said soem type of error thanks this met a lot guys

should i make an remake story of love hina remake wish there were some artist for hire tho

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Oh man this one was a blast from the past.

Yes, it was my first attempt at making a VN based on an extremely long weight gain story I wrote up many many years ago.

It’s a far cry from what we can make today and I never really expected anyone to bring it up ever again to be honest.

Spanning 14 chapters which took about 4 years to write overall, I only did manage to make the first part of chapter 14 into something more like what you’d call a sound novel today. Not exceedingly impressive by modern standards but the first of its kind at the time.


damn true i think think it should had some more voicing in it thats for sure but im still planning to make it kinda like an dating im still programing either if it okay if i like bring back this project back from the dead i would to share some idea for the remake

true i just very interested into this visual novel and sure we could some day make an remake first i just need coders some extra artist and voice actors but im pretty sure i can find some voice i have girlfriend thats voice acting but kinda have to see if we have any other dubbers plus im still gonna see if there any people working to support this progress

Oh? I take it you’ve read the stuff I put out before then? The original was designed more as a very long form story based on an alternate interpretation of getting Motoko her ending instead of Naru, but the original love hina is more like a traditional dating sim if that’s what you had in mind.

I’d be interested to hear what sort of proposal you have in mind

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yeah good point i will be online to 2-7 hours unless im at work or spending time with my gf

it’s in the vndb (visual novel database) it should be under the tag “feeder fetish”

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