Does anyone have the Amy XL mod for sonic mania?

[NSFW] Amy Mania XL Plus [Sonic Mania] [Mods] This mod has been removed, seemingly from the entire internet. If someone could find this, I would be very grateful. Also, I’m new to this site, so this may be the wrong category.

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I wonder why I couldn’t find this, thank you.

Aren’t they like 12?


Yea and that is why the mod was removed from game banana.


Yeah, most Sonic characters are underaged, and Amy in Mania is especially so, because she’s based on the OG Amy, when she was just some clingy kid younger than Sonic with a massive crush on him.

I’m not surprised the mod’s hard to find, TBH.

Since the character in question is underaged, I’m locking this thread.