does anyone have the "rouge xxl" mod for sonic adventure 2?

there was a mod once, named Rouge XXL which made rouge fat. (rouge’s age is 18 btw)
it was for Sonic Adventure 2, and i wanted to know if anyone had the mod


Sadly, and this is kind of off-topic, but the only SA2 mod I have is Chao World Extended. I don’t ever recall seeing a Rouge XXL mod at all.

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Did a quick look over on Gamebanana, and I could only find Rouge XL 2.0

It’s a slight boost to her curves, but probably not what you are looking for, so I went to Nexus Mods
Here are a few, first is a fat version of Rouge, although naked(I’d prefer her in the outfit at that size, but I’m weird like that), followed by a normie-thicc mod, and for fun, a genderswap for Shadow

Any of these what you’re looking for?

it wasn’t what i was looking for, but thanks anyways.

Well, are there any other leads you can give us, such as where you remember seeing it?

there was a message on the starpounds discord saying “only gods remember the Rouge XXL mod for Sonic Adventure 2”, and there is a Rivals of Aether mod called “Rouge XXL” by ChaoThix.

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the rivals of aether mod is still there idk if i can find it… is it like okay if anyone could go on deviantart and like post the workshop link here n stuff?

Here ya go.

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