Does anyone know about more weight gain games?

What I want to say is…

if someone could give me the link of some weight gain game “playable” or the link and how or with what program can play that same game but most projects are really just starting here and even if it is a demo, please pass me links of weight-gain games that I can play, free and just download and play [obviously put it to de-press or etc] and forgive if they misunderstand something I say, I do not speak English and I can barely write this

Topic closed for failing to add anything to the discussion.

While we understand there is a language barrier, with English not being your primary language, your post though is basically one of the goals of this forum, to collect and archive games with weight gain and other expansion related content. This means your post basically reads as “search the forum for me”.

Also, if you search the forum you will see a few posts that already ask for suggestions for weight gain related games. Next time please search the forum first, and I would suggest you check out the projects category.

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