Does anyone know any realisitc weight gain games or contain it?

It must be non-furry, realistic (of course), NOT an RPG, and not A Piece of Cake because I’ve already played it.

Kind of demanding of you…
But anyhoo, have you tried Gaining Perspective?

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I’m working on one title “Love is the Way to My Heart”. Follow the thread if you want to keep up to date on releases and updates.

Realism is a tricky beast! The more realistic you make a weight gain game, the more content you have to add to stop the game becoming grindy or boring.

@bruh1331 You’ve already played mine. I’d be interested to know what you think of the realism in it. Too much, not enough?

@MODOK123 On the surface at least, your game does sound a little like mine, but with a lot more scope and detail. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it! :slight_smile:

Similar, yes, but I am going with the love language theme. I am trying to focus on the romantic side of this fetish. Too often do we look at a gainer as “meat” for our pleasure; so, I am making a game/IF that progresses best when the player treats the woman as she should be: a human being. I’ve lived the feeder life with my wife and it isn’t just a fetish, there is real love between us, and it strengthens the intimacy between us and that is what I am going for in my game/IF.

Now, I’m not saying that any other media that plays to this fetish is bad, it’s just that I wanted to make something unique and show the world that a BBW is more than just a toy. :slight_smile: