Does anyone know how to get all the forms in Drawing with Nat: Dream Diary Version 0.2

I’m almost got all the form in the game. I just need the Vanish and bunny form

(All the forms in the game. The art and the game belong to Jeledraws)

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(also these form too)

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Vanish - Found in the arcade in the box room.
Bunny - Found in the eraser room, iirc
Pear - Travel through the sewers, and you’ll eventually find it
Fat - In Chubby form, visit multiple vending machines
Jele - Found in the slime room

Thank you Funfest11 for the help

Can’t find the red room and the last 2 bonus pics any ideas

red room you can get to by going in between two dna things in that middle area between the deep hallways and the hallways if I remember correctly

No that’s the scary face room unless there’s another one with the dna door

This might be it. You need goop form, and you need to be in the hermit pyramids area. There’s a crack in one of the pyramids. Go through it in goop form.

trying to get fat form, but cant find any vending machines. can anyone help?

Yes it is a way to get there thank you

There are multiple locations, I do not know if all are required but I will list all of the ones I remember.

The Halls, Bone World, The Arcade, The Plaza

There may be more, but as I said these are just the ones I remember.