Does anyone remeber how to get the max weight in Kate's Uni Days?

Pretty much the title.

There’s a name I’ve not heard in a while. Afraid not, though.

Wait Kate from Uni can gain weight?

It was a Quest game by Jerkajerk, if I remember right. And yes, the PC was Kate, and she’d gain weight according to your choices.

The only things I remember off the top of my head are hanging up the sweater in your closet to use to get seconds at christmas, putting the takeout menu on the board, getting the meal plan, and making sure to snack and study after christmas. I remember the specific command for that last one was annoying to figure out though.

oh that one!, i knew another game called Uni…

I’ll take that as a compliment since Kate’s Uni Days is actually mine, but glad to hear you think it’s good enough to be part of Jerk’s catalogue!

Sadly, the file broke some time back. Even more sadly, I can’t remember the tricks for Kate since I started working on a replacement and it’s a little different.

Wearing a jumper a Christmas was definitely one.

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Alrighty, went back through the game and I believe these are all the steps you need to get max weight.
Semester 1:

Find the debit card in your jacket

Get the takeaway menu, show it to Mel, and use it on your pinboard

Buy the meal plan

Buy the jumper and use it on your wardrobe

Take the culinary module

Eat a churro


Put on your jumper to eat seconds

Semester 2:

Buy flour and make a cake

Give the cake to, then romance Mel (this is based on taking the culinary module)

You can also do things to increase the other girl’s weights, but I believe it’s impossible to get everyone to max weight at once, as you’ll have to choose between romancing Mel or Isabella.

Buy the meal plan, talk to Sarah about the meal plan


In semester two, buy the snacks and ask Laura about helping her revise


Follow the steps relating to Mel in the general guide above


Take the Spanish module, talk to Isabella about it, then talk with her about the spanish book/romance her in semester 2


Whoops. Well, now to edit my precious post and deny having ever made that erroneous claim.

how do you help laura revise?

You have to specifically ask her about revising or helping with “ask”.

how do i buy the meal plan

You get the debit card, find Janice up north and give her the debit card.

Just returns with “i dont understand that command”, what would the exact string be?

Ask Laura about revising.